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"I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for Mr. Mulcair."
Former budget watchdog Kevin Page says a Conservative move to force future governments to keep balanced budgets is a "political
OTTAWA - "My vote won't make any difference." It's a common refrain among those who don't bother to cast ballots in Canadian
OTTAWA - The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is giving its TaxFighter Award to Kevin Page, the former parliamentary budget
OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper has tapped economist Jean Denis Frechette, a relatively unknown parliamentary research
OTTAWA - Canada's interim parliamentary budget officer is having the same problems as the old one: being snubbed by the government
OTTAWA - The interim parliamentary budget officer says she will ask government departments for budget analysis information
OTTAWA - The Federal Court has put aside for possibly another day whether Canada's parliamentary budget officer has a legal
Canada's first budget watchdog could also be the last, says the departing public civil servant with 27 years of experience
OTTAWA - Parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page says some international observers have expressed shock at the difficulties