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kevin spacey

From the plainly awful to the truly ridiculous, these men are providing example after example of how not to say sorry.
It’s come to a halt “until further notice.”
The actor was supposed to receive an award at the 2017 International Emmys.
He doesn't have time for your hesitation. C'mon. He'll be at your door any minute now. Now you've made him all sad. You dare
One day, one Grade 9 boy was mercilessly teased for wearing a pink shirt -- the next day, encouraged by seniors Price and Shepherd on social media, 800 schoolmates showed up in a sea of pink to express their solidarity. Today, Pink Shirt Days are held in schools across 13 countries by students who want to show they won't tolerate bullying.
Maybe Frank Underwood isn't the smartest person in Washington after all. On Friday, actor Kevin Spacey reprised his role
"It's ironic, then, that just as the Internet and TV have conspired to devastate the old business models of music and movies, they're also come together to create new business models to save them."
Kevin Spacey wants you to know that he's not, as Doug Ford called him, an "arrogant SOB". The Ford brothers and Spacey first
Frank Underwood, Kevin Spacey's character on House of Cards, isn't exactly the nicest guy around. But he looks like Abraham