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Keystone XL Pipeline

The Keystone pipeline will not serve American interests, but delight the Canadian government and its oil lobby. In addition to draining your pocketbooks and further compromising your environmental health, it will enrich Canadian politicians who don't believe in climate change.
Canada's oil sands are facing another public-relations defeat with the news that the European Commisssion (EC) will propose
More than 100 people, including prominent activist Maude Barlow, were arrested on Parliament Hill Monday during a protest
I took a deep breath, stepped on the barrier and crossed over. We were on Parliament Hill to show our opposition to the extension of the Keystone Pipeline, which would take raw bitumen from the tar sands of Northern Alberta over prime farmland and the Ogallala Aquifer to a refinery in Texas.
As hundreds of demonstrators prepare to descend on Parliament Hill on Monday to protest the development of the Alberta oil
Gordon Pinsent is the latest Canadian celebrity to endorse the protest against the oil sands planned for Parliament Hill
"Americans will get the jobs, Canadians will get the pollution." That's the talking point a union that represents workers
It is Canada's failure to look at the full impacts of new tar sands projects -- global warming pollution, toxic waste, impacts on communities living downstream -- and failure to put limits on those impacts that, in part, drives the controversy in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere.
The recent protests in Washington over plans to funnel crude from the Alberta oil sands to Texas put the spotlight on the
But before supporting the Keystone Pipeline, we need to take a deeper look at whether its practices will really lead to "better days" for working men and women, their families, and their communities. How many jobs will the pipeline really produce?