kids activities

This will keep the kids busy and entertained.
More than three-quarters of three- and four-year-olds spend too much time in front of a screen each day.
"Put away your cowbells. They don't belong in the arena."
In our twenties we would go to the gym and train hard without thinking twice about the stress we were putting on our joints
This is the perfect summertime activity.
Rediscover your inner child and take part in these activities we played as kids. From the AOL Partner Studio.
"Children need to be occupied, they need structure, they need predictability," the experts tell us. Heaven help you if you don't make sure to keep those sticky little hands busy between late June and Labour Day every year. After all, children need structure right? No they don't.
Because you know you'll hear "I'm bored" at least once.
Plastic Easter eggs are more useful than we thought!
As a mother of four, I'm encouraging you to not let a fear of messes stand in the way of having fun with your family this holiday season. Instead, choose to be in the moment, enjoying quality time and getting messy with the following activities.