kids food allergies

Thought "all beef" hot dogs were dairy-free? Think again.
Parent and food allergy advocate Pauline Osena offers her three tips.
Walking towards the mirror I was sure I had a stray lash or speck of dust in my eye; it was extremely itchy. But my face paled at the sight of my lower eyelid, swollen, red, and throbbing. Next was my lower lip on the same side; the interior buzzing with irritation and puffing up against my teeth.
As school winds down for the year, many kids will partake in day or overnight camps with their friends and siblings. Some will stay local, attending camp at their community centre; others will travel up north and stay at overnight camps in the woods. But wherever they are headed, if they have food allergies, their parents will probably worry.
Just by looking at me you'd never know I have a disability. You wouldn't know that it's potentially fatal if not treated immediately, or that it's caused me life-altering anxiety for years. You wouldn't realize that I have experienced bullying as a result of it, or that it's often belittled by people who don't understand it.
It will take some planning and research.
The Teal Pumpkin Project is making trick-or-treating a whole lot safer.
Planning ahead and having the confidence to be vocal about your dietary requirements is the the key to eating out safely when you have food allergies.
For people who need to manage severe food allergies, life is a constant balancing act between maintaining safety with familiar and controlled surroundings, and experiencing new adventures that may come with risks.
I used to make jokes and wonder how someone could "accidentally" give themselves an epinephrine shot -- until it happened to us. My three-year-old son once found an EpiPen on the counter and thought it was the practice EpiPen that we allow him to play with. I don't recommend that anyone use epinephrine unless it's absolutely necessary, but I did take away some positive lessons.