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They have been fans since day one. Their day one, that is.
Unstructured, unsupervised time spent playing in nature provides your child with unique benefits.
Let's give kids a break. They don't need to find a passion at two, or at eight or at 18... or ever, really.
Because we all know extracurricular activities can be costly and time-consuming.
"Put away your cowbells. They don't belong in the arena."
In partnership with Robax, we sat down with the seasoned athlete to talk about the state of women's hockey and what future generations of hockey players can do to engage in safe play.
At 37 years old, Hayley Wickenheiser is the oldest active member of the Canadian Women's National Hockey Team and has four Olympic gold medals and seven gold World Championship titles under her belt.
I think competition is good for us, and is critical to helping us find performances that we didn't know we had. Sometimes I feel we have become so sensitive about not leaving anybody feeling left out that we have all but obliterated competition in our schools, and to a large degree in our workplaces. Nobody gets recognized, and actually nobody feels special.
Karen Van Nest said the exposure Paralympic sport is getting in Toronto is a victory in itself.