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kim campbell

The former prime minister said the pandemic is an opportunity to get involved.
It’s a “good thing” Canada’s top court is above politics, says former prime minister Kim Campbell.
"It was intended as sarcasm-not a serious wish of harm," she said.
The former PM weighs in days after a U.S. congresswoman pledged to help impeach POTUS.
Women need to support, inspire and empower each other, not attack and question something as trivial as what type of dress, blouse or top we wear.
"In case you forget what pathological lying looks like!"
Canada's first female prime minister describes Donald Trump as a self-celebrating sexual predator whose rhetoric threatens
Harjit Sajjan is technically a lieutenant-colonel in the Canadian Armed Forces reserves.
Though the two campaigns are separated by 22 years, they share some striking similarities.
"A strong and dominant national feeling is not a luxury in Canada, it is a necessity."