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The Conservative leader continues to defend his leadership of the federal party.
Ford likes to portray himself as out to help the little guy, even though he's a millionaire, running a company he inherited from his wealthy father.
Wright testified that he communicated with Ray Novak two weeks ago through BlackBerry messenger.
The NDP released a cheeky video on Saturday featuring children reading emails related to Mike Duffy's secret $90,000 payment from Nigel Wright.
The Tory campaign fought Sunday to keep its message on the Mike Duffy affair under control.
Shelby Thom of Vancouver's CKNW radio station says Tory staffers asked her to leave several times as she spoke with supporters — and that she felt she had been "kicked out" when one of them directed her through a side door and closed it behind her.
Stephen Harper's spokesperson is ripping into Justin Trudeau ahead of Thursday’s highly anticipated leaders' debate.
But have they heard the one about the velvet rope on the tundra? Last August, the small band of Canadian journalists travelling
OTTAWA - A third of the Conservative government's appointees to its critically backlogged social security tribunal have close
The future of the struggling Sun News Network is up in the air after its parent company Quebecor sold off the majority of