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labour shortage

Canada needs construction workers, hair stylists and, um, escorts.
Business groups cite "enormous needs" for workers.
Employees are increasingly "in the driver's seat" when it comes to work, especially in construction and personal services.
Canada kind of sucks at this free trade thing; the U.S. faces a record labour shortage.
Job growth might actually be a lot stronger than the headlines suggest.
La belle province has Canada's most acute shortage of workers.
Canada’s population growth ‘exceeds expectations,’ but newcomers are struggling and some rental markets are ‘in crisis.’
It takes nearly as long today to find a job as it did during the Great Recession.
For the sake of the economy, consider moving to B.C. or Quebec.
The reality is, we face major labour shortages in trades in Canada. Between 2014 and 2020, we can expect 219,000 construction industry employees to retire. And in cases like Fort McMurray, the wildfires both decimate local economy and create a huge need for skilled trades to help rebuild the community.