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laureen harper

As the dust settles after the federal election, it has to be said that Laureen Harper was an extraordinary volunteer in her years at 24 Sussex Dr. She is a great asset, as all the organizations she helped to champion know well. A secret weapon, in fact.
He prefers hot chocolate, and likes it from Tim Horton’s.
"You know, you don’t put people in jail."
Laureen Harper has joined Facebook. Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced his wife's debut on the social media network
An 18-year-old girl was rushed to hospital in the wee hours of Sunday morning with suspected alcohol poisoning after a party
In 2004 voters barely had a clue who Stephen Harper was. So he appeared in those hilariously contrived ads in which he complained about the Liberals, offered some kind of solution, and then paused and added, slowly, "My name is Stephen Harper." Viewers came away wondering about his speaking style but pretty sure, whoever this guy was, his name must be Stephen Harper.
A film festival celebrating Internet cat videos is coming to Toronto and Laureen Harper has been asked to introduce it. You
Justin Trudeau has been Liberal leader for more than a month but it appears he could use a hand in question period. The new