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The largest Canadian energy industry merger in years will result in more than 2,000 job cuts.
Staff at Glen Hill Marnwood home got pink slips this week.
Air Canada and Vancouver airport are among the latest large-scale job reductions announced in Canada.
The company plans to rehire when the crisis passes, but for now, it's layoffs and pay cuts.
Canada's fifth-largest bank previously hinted at cost-cutting moves.
Workers at Sears, Postmedia, Loblaw and Northstar are all causalities of a system that not only allows corporate greed to thrive, but encourages it.
Private health-care costs in Canada have grown dramatically over the last 40 years. Adjusting for population growth and inflation, private healthcare costs have increased by over 220 percent on average since 1975 -- or around $1,800 per person. That's no small figure for most Canadian families.
Every person reacts to a layoff in a different way. In the immediate aftermath, you'll likely experience a range of emotions, from sadness to anger, to fear and frustration -- possibly even relief. And at some point while you're processing this unexpected life change, you'll be met with a big question: Now what?
When someone sends a mass email saying they are leaving, they often haven't thought things through. They are probably having an emotional reaction to what is likely a very emotional situation.