Days before their flight to Toronto, Selam Nega and her young son were barred from leaving Beirut.
A Canadian-based NGO has found creative ways to counter childhood trauma.
The singer is working with designer Zuhair Murad in a fundraiser for disaster relief in Lebanon.
Selam Nega and her young son have endured crisis after crisis, waiting for word from Canada.
“Concerted humanitarian action is required to meet the immediate needs of people impacted by the blast, including health care food, shelter and water,” Karina Gould said.
Two blasts in the capital of Beirut killed over 100 people and left thousands more injured.
Development Canada says $1.5 million will be going to the Lebanese Red Cross via the Canadian Red Cross Society.
Montreal's Lebanese community is mourning.
Climate change is making them more frequent and intense.
"I thought I would be there forever," the man says after his eight-month ordeal.