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“It’s pretty momentous, even though it’s just a little toy."
This will take them way beyond fixing your computer for you.
Check out our stopmotion Legomation brickfilm above to see everything turn out awesome for Justin Trudeau and the Liberals.
Lego has been around since 1932 and is now officially one of the world’s most valuable brands. According to research by Interbrand
If there's one toy that crosses countries, cultures, age groups and genders, it's Lego. That's why it's so perfect the Danish bricks will be able to be built onto kids' prosthetic limbs.
For many kids, nothing beats Lego for an afternoon of fun. Those little plastic bricks have excited the mind and challenged
Kids love Lego, but often their ginormous collections can be too much to handle. So why not keep those colourful bricks in
Many parents have an abundance of Lego lying around their house, so why not make use of them? These colourful blocks can
Independent toy stores across Canada see nothing awesome about a LEGO shortage that could leave them thin on one of the world's
There some assembly required but LEGO hopes to change the way young girls think about certain jobs. The company behind the