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"I got my father involved in it. We'd get down on the carpet and make cars and stuff. He had a friend that worked at LEGO, and he rose through the ranks and became a Master Builder."
LEGO may have started in Denmark but give a few bricks to Jeff Friesen and the results will be undoubtedly Canadian. By now
In 2012, I started a project to build wells in Africa and my original goal was to raise $2,000 to build one well. I reached my goal, I decided to raise another $2,000 - and I kept fundraising until I raised over $9000 for clean water projects in Tanzania.
For those of us who are a certain vintage, Lego was coloured bricks of 2, 4 and 8 dimples that one could use to build square things like houses. If you were lucky, you had some wheels to build a rectangular car.
If you don't have a child around, chances are you don't play with Lego very often. Unless you're Douglas Coupland. As part
When Jeff Friesen isn't photographing Canada, he's building it brick by brick with his daughter. It's part of his "Lego Great
For me 2012 was a very special year, and 2013 promises to be even better - because this past year a very special young man brought his hopes and dreams into my life, and they are ones that are just beginning to fully be realized.
Most high school students only launch things into space in video games, but two Toronto teens were able to send an object
This month's Vancouver riots were arguably one of the most traumatic moments in that city's recent history. And sometimes