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lgbt muslims

We cannot fight Islamophobia of the far right, but casually ignore the homophobia of neo-conservative Muslims.
The Muslim position of supporting human rights in the West, while casually condoning harsh Islamic punishments in Muslim countries, is hypocritical.
For some LGBTQ Muslims cognitive dissonance gets heightened during Ramadan. Their inability to reconcile spirituality and sexuality leads them to temporarily divorce one aspect of their life, which leaves their underlying dilemma unaddressed.
Not all traditionally conservative people are judgmental, sexist or homophobic. They may reject a worldview without God and traditional rules of ethical conduct while being compassionate neighbours and friends.
Instead of putting each other down, Muslims should nurture spaces that accommodate people of all theological persuasions. Muslims often mention of the rich tradition of active debate and dissent in Islamic scholarship. Dr. Ally's review shows how such a tradition is still alive and for that we are extremely grateful.
Muslims are united by religious identity but are diverse in terms of beliefs and practices. The manner of prayer, dietary restrictions, sexual ethics etc. differ on the basis of the school of jurisprudence. There are multiple intersections that lead to wondrous differences.
Muslim puritans thump the sex positivity of Islam in their polemics. Paradoxically, they reject sexual conduct beyond coitus and project their personal views as consensus. However, Islam is too diverse and vast for there to be any consensus position on sexuality.
Imagine being persecuted by law for practicing your faith in schools, offices and public spaces. My former student told me that his office colleagues had stopped having lunch with him when they found out about his Ahmadi beliefs. Such social ostracism only throws a minority community into the closet.
Conservative Muslims believe that the earliest jurists and exegetes have best explained and analyzed the Qur'an and the Hadith
My articles are based on a hermeneutic that is religiously plural, atheist inclusive and LGBTQ affirming. Yet, time and again, I have received strong responses from those critical of faith and Islam. Ignoring socio-economic and political factors, the critics simplistically blame all the ills in the Muslim world on Islam.