“It’s really f**king scary to give up your privilege," he said.
“The residents are the ones that are ready to talk — but are people ready to listen?”
Quinn was part of the 2016 bronze medallist Canadian national team.
Reaffirming his support for LGBTQ Canadians would help repair his persona as a moderate among conservatives.
The new Tory leader also pledged to defend LGBTQ rights.
He tried to stop a group of evangelical anti-LGBTQ demonstrators.
I loved the flamboyant and inimitable performances of the 'Drag Race' alum, just as I loved her quieter side off-stage.
A lot of people who face fertility barriers have submitted entries.
Queer people aren't accessories to debate — we're human beings, people of flesh and blood.
As one of the leaders in the response to the 1981 bathhouse raids, I know how we failed to show up for Black Canadians.
Boosting women, people of colour and the LGBTQ+ community is key.
His family works a little bit differently than most.
Frances Goldin is part of the history of New York's Pride march.
A Vancouver-based playwright talks gender norms for queer couples and boys.
The town's mayor was opposed because there’s no “straight Pride.”
Casual affirming conversations and watching positive queer representations on TV can go a really long way.