Ottawa maintains the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy is about protecting workers, no matter who they work for.
Omar Alghabra distanced himself from a YouTuber with anti-LGBTQ views.
"I f**k up sometimes, but I’m trying my best," the actress said.
Improving the state of journalism is not something that should fall on the shoulders of the trans community.
The apology to the LGBTQ community said police continued to criminalize members of sexual and gender diverse communities even after homosexuality was decriminalized.
Nothing beats getting a present in the mail, when you're a kid hunkered down at home.
A new study found Canada is behind the U.S. and Australia in addressing homophobia in sports.
The image was slammed on social media for perpetuating myths about AIDS.
Elliot Page wrote a heartfelt note on Instagram: “I love that I am trans.”
Friends Of Ruby Home will house 33 queer and trans youth, along with their pets.
Their new Christmas song “Make You Mine This Season” was written for the new Kristen Stewart movie, “Happiest Season.”
Sara said the award gala made her put on a blazer for the first time in months.
Seven Tories opposed the bill and Andrew Scheer didn't show up.
The show will be based on the Canadian duo’s high school experience in Calgary in the ‘90s.
Many people called the comic out for perpetuating harmful stereotypes about trans people.
The show's co-creator called the decision a "harmful statement."
And their posts have Dan Levy's approval.
This is an important step for LGBTQ rights, Diversity Minister Bardish Chagger says.