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liberal government

Everyone's trying to find their best footing in a minority parliament.
We check up on how the Grits are doing in this podcast.
Joe worked for 40 years and took care of himself and his family. He did nothing wrong and lived within his means.
Support for improving our animal protection laws is at an all-time high and Canadians no longer expect animals to be treated as an afterthought by politicians. Yet for an entire year, Canadian law has given animal abusers in Canada license to exploit animals for their own perverse sexual gratification.
The prime minister is trying to change the rules of the Commons to fit his schedule, interim leader Rona Ambrose charged.
Here's my take: dispensary owners have tirelessly fought for many years for more liberalized cannabis laws. They've even racked up hefty legal bills while pleading their case to the highest court in the land. Ultimately, they've helped pave the way for the mainstreaming of medical marijuana, which has mainly benefitted "Big Business", a.k.a. LPs. So dispensaries also deserve to be accommodated when legalization finally arrives -- but with conditions.
The decision to abandon their electoral reform pledge was reached after a two-hour discussion in January.
If this government is truly committed to justice, then it must take swift action. At a minimum, the Liberals must demand that Diab be released on bail, particularly given the French judge's finding that Diab was in Lebanon during the bombing.
Last April, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists revealed the "Panama Papers" scandal, a database of