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liberal leadership race

Justin Trudeau needs to fire his public relations team. Either that, or perhaps the Conservative Party truth ads were entirely correct in depicting Trudeau as being completely devoid of the experience."Doesn't have the judgment or experience to be Prime Minister" could not have rung clearer in Trudeau's first week as Liberal leader.
The federal Liberal Party revamped its rules about how much debt could be racked up by leadership candidates in its recently
Justin Trudeau won the Liberal leadership race on Sunday, taking over 80 per cent of the vote on the first ballot. Many cheered
Beside John F. Kennedy, Barack Obama and Pierre Elliott Trudeau stood (and stands) Jackie O., Michelle and Margaret. Now
Justin Trudeau has won the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada in commanding fashion. The charismatic, 41-year-old
All eyes will be on how well the young Trudeau, the eldest son of former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, performs
He moved to Vancouver, became a high school teacher, did a lot of skiing and, according to one of his friends, partied a
Lately it seems like Justin Trudeau spends his life standing on stages in front of red backdrops, but he's had his share
Liberals now have a clear choice between two distinct leadership options. One is a comfortable, business-as-usual approach. The second approach, personified by Joyce Murray, is to give Canadians a substantive vision for Canada as a modern, prosperous and healthy nation with a sustainable economy and environment.
Voting in the Liberal leadership race passed the 50 per cent mark Wednesday, pulling ahead of the 49.6 voter turnout in the