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The only way to earn the backing of Canada's eastern provinces for Senate reform would be to rip open Canada's fundamental law once more, putting everything back on the table and possibly plunging the country into yet another national unity crisis. This could set Canada back by years, if not decades.
OTTAWA - Former candidates who still owe money from the 2006 Liberal leadership campaign won't be taken to court by Elections
Bob Rae's sudden retirement announcement shouldn't have come as a complete surprise and yet it left everyone in a kind of shock that only gets reserved for those whose lives have counted for something. History will reveal that Bob Rae outgrew all the labels that people used to identify him. They will remember him as a recipient of the Order of Canada, as chancellor of Wilfrid Laurier University, and a Senior Fellow at Massey College. Twice under consideration as the Governor General of Canada, we will yet hear of his further exploits. Politics is a phase; service to others is a life, and Bob Rae isn't nearly finished with the latter.
Justin Trudeau acknowledged he has lived his life under the burden of high expectations. He also concedes that he might not
OTTAWA - Justin Trudeau is vowing to usher in a generational shift in Canadian politics — younger, more hopeful, less negative
2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpg As we await formal notice of Trudeau II's coronation, take a quick survey our nation's top papers. You'll find (at best) mostly cautious statements of conditional interest in a mildly competent politician whose greatest talent is exceeding low expectations. To be sure, the press does have a pro-Trudeau bias, but it's a bias of interest more than affinity.
But the Liberal leadership front-runner is betting Canadians would rather have a leader who sticks resolutely to the high
Voting in the Liberal leadership race passed the 50 per cent mark Wednesday, pulling ahead of the 49.6 voter turnout in the
I have come to the conclusion that Justin Trudeau is a more popular character than his father, Pierre. Justin Trudeau's arrival on the leadership stage has rekindled an inner youth we worried we had lost. And whether or not he wins, he has brought a new sense of life and possibility to much of the land.
Voting began shortly after the six leadership contenders made their final sales pitches at a "national showcase" on Saturday