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Liberal party poll

Federal NDP vaulted from third place to a statistical dead-heat with Conservatives and Liberals, new polling shows
Justin Trudeau's federal Liberals would be in majority government territory if an election were held tomorrow, a new poll
Are the Conservatives in the midst of a rebound from their lowest ebb since first coming to power in 2006? Two recent polls
The first national poll of 2014 shows Liberals are enjoying a six-point lead over the governing Conservatives. The survey
Will 2013 be remembered as the beginning of the end of Stephen Harper's Conservative government? Or will it mark the low
Canadians following the Senate scandal are more likely to believe Mike Duffy's version of events than the prime minister's
A throne speech packed with consumer-friendly goodies and a trade deal with the European Union is a good fall start for the
While another poll suggests Justin Trudeau's Liberals are on a downward trend, they are still leading Stephen Harper's Conservatives
With Thomas Mulcair at the head of the NDP, it’s back to square one for the Liberal Party. A succession of national polls
With an election almost four years away, the stakes are low. But are the Liberals really back in second place? A poll released