liberal platform

The party’s 2019 election plan involves taxing tech giants and wealthy Canadians.
Andrea Horwath's NDP is pledging to make Hydro One public again.
Once a government official says a document is cabinet confidence, neither the information commissioner nor the Federal Court can look at the document to confirm that it is and that the exclusion is being applied appropriately. But this supermassive problem is not being addressed.
"We're going to have to be really sensitive to the fact that Canadians are really hopeful for this government."
The Liberal leader says Canadians earning taxable income of between $45,000 and $90,000 would save $670 per person per year,
Currently, federal finance officials keep their internal forecasts secret.
If the economy is the No. 1 issue on the minds of most Canadians, then the stakes are high for tonight's debate. Voters, either
Justin Trudeau took a day off from the campaign trail on Monday, but his Liberals still ended up in a spat with New Democrats over transit funding.
The B.C. Liberal platform will be released Monday, laying out the party's plan to win re-election for a fourth straight term
It's said that God, in her almighty wisdom, no longer smiles on dogs, drunks and Liberals. I do not share this defeatist view. I submit that, like Lazarus, Nixon and Bourassa, we can still return from the land of the living dead.