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A new poll suggests the federal Conservatives have jumped four percentage points ahead of Liberals as Canadians weigh consistency
Two new federal polls are painting different pictures of Liberal fortunes at the conclusion of the fall session of Parliament
With the next federal election scheduled for October 15 of next year, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have reason to believe
The first national poll of 2014 shows Liberals are enjoying a six-point lead over the governing Conservatives. The survey
The latest poll numbers favour the B.C. New Democrats over the Liberals with a nine-point lead, according to an Angus Reid
A new poll by EKOS Research highlights the contrast between a Canadian population that believes the country is moving toward
A spate of federal polls released over the last few days tell a somewhat contradictory story that speaks to the volatility
The Conservatives have increased their lead over the New Democrats in the first weeks of 2013, according to two new national
The future of the Liberal Party may be in question, but liberalism itself appears to be alive and well in Canada. A poll
It seems the split on Canada's centre-left flank which allowed Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party to capture power