life expectancy

The opioid crisis continues to leave a devastating mark.
In Canada, factors include drug overdoses, suicide and alcohol abuse.
The drop could have a broader national impact, too.
Men, especially, are likelier to die if they retire early.
We're not going to live to be 150.
The last time it dropped was during the peak of the HIV/AIDS crisis.
It's time to quit.
Being able to extend life, of course, is a great success. But simply adding years of sickness, frailty and decline is not a very appealing prospect. Unfortunately, the progress we are making in terms of keeping people around longer is not always matched by advances in personal health and fitness -- both physically and mentally.
He may be more than a century old but Hafeezullah still goes to work every day. With the aid of a cane, the wizened white
Japanese men's life expectancy rose above 80 for the first time in 2013, but was still several years below that of their