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life tips

We've all heard the phrase 'life is a journey'. What if we took it one step further and looked at life as the ultimate road trip with your Life Map helping you navigate the way. After studying my own life I can clearly see how all the different experiences, events and people have shaped me and have led me to where I am today.
Boredom; it’s the human condition. It’s why we tell stories and invent games to keep ourselves occupied and entertained. But
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Combining my own experience with the work I've done with my clients, I've observed themes that support change. Simply put, some things work better than others. Here are three things that make managing a major life change just a little bit easier.
Choosing insurance can be difficult, especially when you go it alone. A lot of people love to tackle projects by their lonesome
If one more good-natured yogi, lifestyle guru or hipster hack attack tells me to drink more warm water and lemon or take time to stretch I'm honestly gonna cry. The only thing life hacks have given me is a huge list of shit I'm so aware that I'm not doing. I don't stretch every morning.
Let's face it: life can be annoying. Even the simplest pleasures can be painful. Want to take a quick power nap? Get ready