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There is no perfect way to find a job, and you cannot predict what will get you your next job. The job search can get frustrating, especially, if you see your peers getting ahead. You may begin to wonder what is wrong with you. Don't worry. Try these useful tips for gaining the "competitive advantage."
It's a new year and a new chance to work towards your dreams. If your dream as an entrepreneur is to get funding from Angels, venture capitalists, or by other means, we're going to discuss how you can get closer to your dream this month.
This week, I talked to serial entrepreneur, Angel investor, and founder of CareGuide, John Philip Green. CareGuide is an online "matchmaking" service for people in need of care professionals, and need tailored, vetted recommendations. Here's my Q&A with him.
We've all heard the apocryphal tales of companies who put their pet projects on crowd-funding websites and made millions. A group out of Vancouver asked the question: "How can we leverage this zeal and social funding for good?" In July, Weeve was born, and they have helped dozens of not-for-profits achieve crowd funding success. Alex Chuang explains how they've had early success.
Tech companies and one oil sands giant dominate a new list of Canada’s most desirable employers from business networking
The hardest thing for me to deal with after starting my start-up was the lack of a business card. I had no card. And no big title. And, after 25 years, no logo, website, stationary, network, IT guy, EA, expense account, limo charge account, crowded schedule, flights to catch and people to see. Nothing. Nada. So, how to start over? How to build something from scratch and fill the day?
When you're in the earliest days of your start-up, you are completely head down, focused on your product and you don't have much time for reaching out, and you're certainly not relying upon others to help you. And then you hit your first time where you need to solicit advice, hire contractors, or to network, you encounter your first Great Wait. So, what do you do when you're forced into a Great Wait?
When someone I don't know uses the template and doesn't add any personal note that might peak my interest, then it is "ignore" or delete; whichever is quicker. But if someone reminds me of how we met, or references someone we both know, I'm more inclined to take the risk and accept.
For the second time in a month, an investigative criminal reporter has called me looking for info on people that I am linked into through the popular business social network LinkedIn. Giving private information to a publicist is not like talking to a reporter off-the-record. As a journalist your secret is safe with me. As a publicist? You must be kidding.
When it comes to blogging, we're still insecure. With over a decade of blogging under our global belts, it's still a new and developing form of communications and media that has yet to fully mature and find it's permanent place in the media landscape. But it could help your company a lot.