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The Quebec inquiry into corruption in the construction industry has for the first time heard allegations that a construction
MONTREAL - A Quebec corruption inquiry that has been loaded with surprises saw yet another one Tuesday: the chief counsel
MONTREAL - A star witness at Quebec's corruption inquiry said illegal political financing was not limited to municipal politics
MONTREAL - Quebec's corruption inquiry has exploded onto the provincial stage with allegations of illegal political financing
Three City of Montreal employees have been suspended with pay following explosive testimony about municipal corruption at
Stunning allegations at the Charbonneau commission have stirred up a wave of criticism for Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay
MONTREAL - The sheer scope of the power once held by Mafia boss Vito Rizzuto has been hinted at in testimony at Quebec's
MONTREAL - Quebec's construction inquiry witnessed its first political bombshells Monday with a star witness testifying about
First they were named, then they were shown on video handing cash to mobsters, then today one of their own spilled the beans
MONTREAL - Some of the public money set aside for Canada's economic recovery has ended up in the hands of companies and individuals