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living wage

People told me my shop would go under, but I wanted to live my values.
CEO Galen Weston, Jr., has opposed previous efforts to get the retailer to raise pay.
'High turnover, low pay' has never been a smart business model
Unlike minimum wage, a living wage reflects what working families need to bring home based on the actual costs of living.
Our grandparents believed a person wasn't their job.
Canada's largest city has a world-class problem with poverty, and yet we hope that maybe, just maybe, it will go away. Rest assured it's not. Far from an old-school approach to budgeting, we need leadership and new approaches to revenue generation unless we want to be paying for the growing costs of poverty for years to come.
Some taxpayers may be willing to accept more costly city services as a result of a living wage policy if they actually helped those most in need. But the evidence shows otherwise.
Alberta (yes, Alberta) just elected a party that promised to hike minimum wage by 50 per cent.
The hardest part is standing in the same spot for 12, or sometimes 15, hours a day — it aggravates the arthritis in her back
Kathleen Wynne raised the minimum wage -- yet another clear case of politics trumping evidence in the setting of government policy. Minimum wage legislation has been studied ad nauseam so there's plenty of evidence to draw upon. And the vast majority of that evidence shows increasing the minimum wage does little to help impoverished families and often hurts the most vulnerable workers.