living with alzheimer's

Having a written source of best practices, stories, and experiences from those who've been there can be enriching and useful to add to one's set of skills. For instance, there is a wonderful, practical Canadian book called Doris Inc. Author Shirley Roberts struggled mightily when she was first thrust into the role of caring for her mother Doris, who was suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. But instead of throwing up her hands in surrender, she went to work on a solution.
2012-09-11-Alzheimersbanner2.png Memory is not just our past -- it is also our present. Memory tells us how to send an email, how to get from here to there, to put on our underpants before our outerwear, how to use a knife and fork, even how to swallow. Memory is the ON button for every function we take for granted. That is the mystery that surrounds every Alzheimer's patient. How much are they aware of what they are losing?