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How much you pay upfront could expand your options and save you money.
The move isn't free but a lower interest rate can lead to big savings.
It's the perfect time to find a lower rate if you prepare ahead of time.
The more options, the better, especially when your money is at stake.
This free first step available online lets you know how much you can afford.
Do you want financial stability or the opportunity to save some cash?
“Markets are jittery,” Scotiabank economists wrote in a research note.
Desperate times call for desperate financing, apparently.
Sherry's financial needs were not met through payday loans, but made worse by them -- and, as a result, she and her family were caught in a long-term cycle of debt from which they could not escape. Unfortunately, Sherry's form of repeat payday loan borrowing is common and it can sink families into poverty.
School is expensive. Here are ways you can pay for it from the AOL Partner Studio.