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“Conflict of interest does not disappear. Doug Ford owes those people.”
Kara Ferreira’s mother was one of 12 who died during a COVID-19 outbreak at Grace Manor.
Former PC staffers Brayden Akers and Jessica Trepanier are doing lobbying and publicity for companies that run nursing homes where hundreds have died of COVID-19.
The neoconservative think tank has, despite being a foreign U.S.-based organization, been invited over 10 times to the House of Commons in Canada.
Under the leadership of the Liberals, our federal government is investing in digital staff and infrastructure (Conservatives have done so as well, but not to this scale and depth). We are catching up to corporations in how they listen to and engage customers to manage issues, drive innovation and build loyalty.
We've all seen a chart like it: logos of corporations connected by thin lines to other logos, linking dozens of subsidiaries to spin-offs of even larger companies. But such diagrams rarely involve Canada or the fossil fuel companies that dominate lobbying and other political efforts.
Would you be surprised if I told you that Canadian corporations are contributing to a legal challenge against the U.S. government's foremost program to tackle climate change? That they are helping to fund an army of lawyers and lobbyists aggressively challenging climate regulations south of the border?
Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there does seem to be a future for the industry. In fact, if we're not careful, B.C. could be overrun by lobbyists. Last year, there were 2,502 in-house and consultant lobbyists registered in the province, up from 1,451 four years ago. Whoever said the B.C. Jobs Plan wasn't working?
There are close to 800 lobbyists for hire to bend the ears of MPs, senators and other federal public office holders on behalf
Oil, gas and mining industry groups were far and away the most active lobbyists in Ottawa over the past year, according to