London Summer Olympics

2012-07-25-olympicbanner.pngMonday's Canada vs. the States soccer game was so good it made you forget you were watching women's soccer, or care (if you did). Too often, female athletes have to fight for airtime, and for recognition. It shouldn't be like that, but sports are sexist in nature. We're all guilty of slighting female athletes. So, thank God for Monday, because we can't now. Compared to this, Usain Bolt's thrilling 9.63 seconds was like a warmup to something better.
LONDON - Local students and troops are getting free tickets to the London Games after blocks of prime seats were left empty
TORONTO - The opening ceremony of the London Olympics was watched by an average of 6.4 million Canadians, Canada's Olympic
LONDON - A German man and a Slovakian woman were charged Saturday by British police over alleged attempts to illegally resell
2012-07-25-olympicbanner.pngSince his sudden and tragic passing in April, Randy Starkman's Olympics Blog has faithfully remained in the top left spot of my computer's web browser favourites page. We'd all grown to rely on Randy for his insight, inside scoop and eloquent storytelling of Olympic Canadiana, and it seems unjust, and impossible even, that in London his voice will be silent.
For the last few Olympics the United States, Russia and China have been duking it out for the top spot on the medal table
The boss of British security group G4S said Saturday he was sorry that his company had bungled the contract to help protect