long-gun registry

Bringing back registries of who buys and sells firearms would create meaningful results without punishing law-abiding gun owners.
The registry was dissolved by Harper Conservatives in 2012.
Ralph Goodale says measures in new Liberal legislation are common sense.
The retrospective Conservative changes served to short-circuit an active investigation into government-backed actions of the RCMP.
Judge Luc Martineau gave the government until 10 a.m. Tuesday morning to deliver the hard drive to the court.
"The RCMP is acting upon that legislation. We obviously encouraged them to do that, Mr. Speaker."
The duplicity alleged in the Federal Court filing by investigator Neil O'Brien goes right up to the Prime Minister's Office
Advocates of gun control say this week's shooting death of an Edmonton police officer illustrates the chill on discussing
The Harper government wants to blow the head off the long-gun registry, which was "destroyed" long ago but keeps stumbling