loyalty programs

Aeroplan's future has been in doubt since Air Canada announced its own loyalty program last year.
At least one Aeroplan mile for every dollar spent.
Some collectors spent their points believing they would expire.
With so many rewards programs available to Canadians these days, it can leave your head spinning trying to navigate which
Data-driven companies don't just collect data; they use sophisticated analytics technology to find new insights about their customers.
If loyalty programs helped turn around an ailing airline industry, why couldn't it do the same for the arts?
TORONTO -- A new report suggests 89 per cent of Canadians have signed up for loyalty programs, but few appear happy with
It's aid that people are more genuinely happy through experiences rather than things, so pick your ultimate travel location and go! I'll show you how to do it for the most bang on a budget. Did you think of where you wanted to go? Did it pop in your head? Book it boo! Make sure you have the money first. I'll show you how.
But marketing experts say these tactics don't work unless consumers actually like the product or service being reinforced