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Two decades after the last Quebec referendum, sovereignty is still standing.
PARIS - Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard is defending his government's decision to award a $500,000 contract that will see
MONTREAL - Although they were once close friends, Lucien Bouchard says there's no way to repair his ruptured relationship
OTTAWA - The night before the Meech Lake constitutional accord died, Brian Mulroney told his cabinet that recently departed
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For the second day in a row, a former Parti Québécois premier has asked the Marois government to soften the tone of the proposed
MONTREAL - The new Parti Quebecois government is earning some unflattering reviews from one of its former leaders even before
Why is it that some in the Liberal Party of Canada are using the disturbing and polarizing language of ageism? It has become open season on the "old guard". Older people seem to be framed as out of touch and constitutionally unable to cope with change. Of course, fresh thinking and new energy is indeed vital to any organization. However, "fresh" doesn't necessarily mean young. To me, "new" and "fresh" has nothing to do with age and everything to do with mindset, values and sincerity of purpose.
MONTREAL - The man who hopes to shake up Quebec politics was a passionate participant in the very debate he now says he wants
MONTREAL - A debate is brewing within the Bloc Quebecois about whether to delay the leadership race to replace Gilles Duceppe