Lucy DeCoutere

"Be kind to people you love, especially today."
The attorney's office decided not to pursue the charge "due to lack of sufficient evidence."
DeCoutere announced her resignation Saturday and said it was connected to one of the show's actors being charged with misdemeanour domestic battery.
"If I find out that somebody is abusive, I cut them out of my life. It's very easy."
"At no time did I assault her."
There is no one common reaction to sexual assaults. Survivors' behaviours following such traumatic events can vary from minimizing the incident and pretending everything is fine (e.g. kissing and cuddling in the park, or writing gushing love letters, as DuCoutere did following the assault); to suppressing the incident altogether, essentially blocking it from your memory; to blaming yourself, somehow, in an attempt to rationalize the trauma. It is not unusual in my caseload to see women, years after the fact, still believing they were somehow responsible for the incident.
Had these complainants been more honest with police and prosecutors -- and with themselves -- perhaps we would have been handed a different verdict. Perhaps if these complainants admitted that they still pursued a relationship with Ghomeshi -- despite the alleged assaults -- they would have disarmed the mighty Marie Henein and left her with less of an arsenal with which to attack.
"Today, and every day, #IBelieveSurvivors."
"The courts must be very cautious in assessing the evidence of complainants in sexual assault and abuse cases."
“After I testified, I felt like I had to go up to every person in the world and apologize for ruining the case.”