lucy hale

I understand Lucy, because I've shared the same feelings about myself. When you have an eating disorder, the world can think you're perfect, but all you see are flaws. Let's not crucify her for it. Instead, let's use it as an opportunity to talk about how messed up the entertainment industry is.
Talk about blond ambition!
Just use a bobby pin!
These girls look simply A-mazing.
'Lucy Hale like never before.'
I am so excited to share the news that I am a now Youth Ambassador for Bystander Revolution! Bystander Revolution is an anti-bullying organization founded in April 2014 with a mission to inspire and motivate people to take the power out of bullying with simple acts of kindness, courage, and inclusion
Lucy Hale is ready for the summer! On Wednesday, the "Pretty Little Liars" actress sported a pretty white lace dress by Self
Unlike some people who faked their own haircuts (ahem, Kate Upton), Lucy Hale took the plunge. The "Pretty Little Liars" star
Oh, hey girl! Lucy Hale was one of the first celebs to step out on the MTV VMAs 2014 red carpet and she was already a contender
The season five premiere of "Pretty Little Liars" is less than a month away (June 10), and after catching the show's 30-second