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HAMILTON - Chemotherapy took such a horrific toll on Makayla Sault's weak body that she begged her parents to take her out
Brian Clement, the director of the Florida health spa that treated Makayla Sault and another First Nations girl suffering
EDITOR'S NOTE: The video above is courtesy of the Two Row Times. The family of a cancer-stricken aboriginal girl who abandoned
Video courtesy of Two Row Times via YouTube Makayla Sault, the 11-year-old girl who refused chemotherapy to pursue traditional
The illness of a young girl is saddening, and the preceding topics are important and timely. But now, with this court case, we've gone off the rails into unhelpful territory. A growing number of people are turning away from, and against, science and modernity, and for a number of causes -- environmentalism, mistrust of corporations, dislike of secularism, traditionalism, and in extreme cases religious fundamentalism.
New Credit First Nation girl Makayla Sault is essentially free to refuse chemotherapy, but not everyone agrees with her decision
A controversial decision by an 11-year-old Ontario girl battling cancer is again raising debate over who gets final say over