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Malala Yousafzai

The royal shared her outfit and her views on girls' education over Zoom.
They were both home to watch their son's first steps, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said.
The activist pair were at Oxford University at the same time and showed their mutual respect on social media.
Jean-François Roberge isn't shying away from the religious symbols ban.
"Mr. Roberge, how would you respond if Mme Yousafzai wanted to become a teacher in Quebec?"
Throughout history, youth have played prominent roles in spurring social change.
If we are educating our youth to be critically thinking citizens, the least we can do is listen to them when they are courageous enough to speak up.
Recently, a young man was brutally lynched by fellow University students in the Pakistani city of Mardan. Some say he was accused of supporting Ahmadis. He had also tweeted for LGBT people. Either way, he was accused of blasphemy. Bystanders and police watched the spectacle and did nothing.
Entire Rohingya villages have been destroyed. Fleeing the violence in Myanmar, thousands of the Rohingya have taken refuge in neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh, Indonesia and Thailand; thousands more have died fleeing, many drowning in overcrowded boats.
Canada matters. As Malala herself said, "If Canada leads, the world will follow." As a country, we have an opportunity to aid the global women's human rights movements that, at this moment, are more powerful than ever.