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Manitoba Election

Overall, the Conservative campaign had as much chance of catching fire as a soggy log. It was difficult to see any strategy beyond talking about how every Manitoban was in danger of being murdered in their beds. Selinger dubbed McFadyen the Grim Reaper.
During a month featuring elections in four provinces and one territory, The Huffington Post is asking Canadians why they
The media couldn't even keep its eyes open during the Manitoba election campaign, only occasionally looking below the surface of the promises and policies. Then again, the resurrected NHL Winnipeg Jets were beginning their pre-season games and the Bombers were in first place. The media can only do so much.
As urban Ontarians and Manitobans head to the polls, they will have a lot of promises to weigh when casting their ballot. But the last thought running through the heads of many will be what a hassle it was to get to the polling station.
Manitoba doesn't need the provincial government to provide five new police officers in Brandon, or boutique tax credits aimed at every conceivable demographic group. Politicians need to fundamentally rethink the economic model on which the province operates.
For the first time in a year, Greg Selinger's New Democrats were leading in the polls. A few hours later, they were trailing
Change is a major theme in world politics lately. But not in Canada, where 2011 is setting up to be the Year of the Incumbent
The elections in Manitoba and Saskatchewan being held in October and November could not be more different. In Manitoba, the
Ontario and Manitoba are setting up for some closely contested elections in October. But the last elections in the two provinces
The three most popular premiers in the country also happen to be heading into an election this fall. Their timing could not