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It rains. As I sit in my mountain top jungle casita this morning, I wonder if today will be another full day of hibernation
It has been so exciting to visit local markets, meeting the farmers who work so hard to bring us the very best, and there is no shortage of stalls anywhere you go in Ontario right now! Inspired by the vast variety the harvest has to offer, I filled my reusable bags with carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, kale, apples and more.
I had long been contemplating designing a dish that contains all the colours of the seven main chakras as per yogic tradition/belief. And wouldn't you know it, I just so happened to have all the shades accounted for in my refrigerator.
Sometimes a gal gets tired of salads, and so I decided that this week I wanted to whip up a light and fresh soup that I could snack on all day long, but that also had enough sustenance to hold off hunger pangs. What I came up with is the following cashew creation, that I managed to create using only a handful of ingredients.
I arrive for the 5 p.m. Ganban-Yoga session on a Saturday evening, looking forward to my 30 minute Rock Bath, followed by a 60 minute Hot Yin Yoga class, on the rocks. Originating in Thailand, ganbanyoku spas are hugely popular in Japan. Hot rock bathing rocks!
Who says you should aim to dance like no one is watching? Isn't it more freeing to do it wholeheartedly when everyone IS watching? I've just returned home from a week in the Costa Rican outback. I am not even sure how it all happened really, or even what song was playing. But I was inspired.
When I was craving something sweet, tart, chewy and tiny, there was nothing else to do but create. And I just so happened to have a pantry full of staples, a handful of fresh lemons in the fridge, and a few spare minutes in my day. Try it, your taste buds and tummy will thank you!
I have been seeing coconut macaroons all over the place as of late, and until now, this was one recipe that I had not given a go myself. It only seems fitting that I reproduce my own version of this sweet treat of that allows the celebrated coconut to take centre stage.
I am super excited about the upcoming holiday season. I am already plotting my meals for the cold nights ahead, and Thanksgiving menu ideas have been long taking up space in the far back regions of my noggin. It's nice to sip up dessert in a cup. Feels naughty and nice all at the same time, right? Well, I'm here to tell you that you can have your cake -- err, pie -- and drink it too! Just make it at home and avoid all those nasty added sugars and fake fillers! Here's how.
One recipe that I remember often eating while growing up is meatloaf. Such a cozy meal when paired with mashed potatoes and gravy! Here, I have re-vamped the loaf concept, and created a savoury main dish that I have fed to even the most meat-loving men I know with great success.