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Maple Leaf Foods

The company has faced allegations of animal mistreatment in the past.
It’s a mixup that’s only possible in Canada.
Business groups cite "enormous needs" for workers.
Sales of bacon, sausages and some other products at Maple Leaf Foods fell by double digits in the last quarter, as large
Inflation has returned to Canada. The culprit appears to be energy (in case you haven’t noticed the price of gas soaring
Maple Leaf Foods is facing allegations of animal mistreatment at one of its chicken hatcheries, in the wake of troubling
Maple Leaf Foods, one of Canada’s largest meat companies, is taking action after a CBC Marketplace investigation revealed
Recently CTV's W5 aired an episode called "Food for Thought." The video shows pigs with open wounds living confined in tight gestation stalls, piglets being castrated without anesthetic and piglets killed with blunt force trauma. The hard truth is that much of what the video reveals is likely standard industry practice and not in violation of federal or provincial law.
A number of food companies offer supposed health benefits that don't check out with nutrition and medical experts, including