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Marc Kielburger

The brothers have already testified for four hours at the Commons finance committee last summer, after controversy over the student-grant program erupted.
Co-founders and brothers Craig and Marc Kielburger are also stepping down from the organization.
“How many times do we have to go through things like this?”
As a former volunteer, I believe a conversation about WE's voluntourism model and youth engagement practices is long overdue.
Conservatives also want the decision to outsource the Canada Student Service Grant program examined.
The PM is facing cronyism accusations for tapping the group to administer the Canada Student Service Grant.
Canadians need to understand that wildlife trafficking isn't confined to faraway jungles.
Traditions are an important part of family life. Research shows maintaining customs makes families stronger and more stable, and gives children a feeling of comfort and security. But I don't simply want to build traditions for traditions' sake. I want to think about how I can use these family rituals to fulfill my pledge to live WE, to make a difference with my actions every day. Here are some ideas to start a tradition that gives back -- from my family to yours.
We Day makes the case that Indigenous issues should matter to the youngest Canadians.
"Now, for both girls and boys, instead of going to the bush to take care of animals, we are going to school."