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Marc Mayrand

Another expert says feds are trying to make a 'cosmetic' fix.
"A referendum hasn't been done since 1992."
Canada's chief electoral officer says he may want to tweak election rules after voters head to the polls in October.
It was not until the media began covering the story that the number of robocalls complaints exploded. A whopping 3597 articles were written in 2012 about the "robocalls" affair, leading to Elections Canada receiving over 40,000 "complaints." But those "complaints" didn't come from electors reporting that they had received a call.
Elections Canada is tasked with ensuring that Canada has free and fair elections. Part of this responsibility includes communicating with Canadians, encouraging voter turnout, and ensuring voters can exercise their democratic rights. The Fair Elections Act, however, is an attempt to muzzle Elections Canada's ability to promote voting among our youth and other marginalized groups in society.
OTTAWA — The Conservative government’s proposed changes to the election law will weaken the public’s trust in the electoral
OTTAWA — An elections expert who gave the Conservative government’s controversial Fair Elections Act an A- grade last month
Pierre Poilievre isn't being fair in his reading of a report into problems stemming from the 2011 federal election, says
Most opponents of the proposed Fair Elections Act say there is no evidence that voter fraud at the polls ever happens in
I recall moving up those grand steps of Parliament for the first time following my election and the sense of responsibility that suddenly seemed to descend onto my shoulders. But nothing had quite prepared me for the crudeness of human behaviour that I witnessed.