Marc Nadon

Kim Campbell will chair a new "independent and non-partisan advisory board."
"This is reminiscent of the gonzo logic of the Vietnam War era."
Rocco Galati argues he deserves to be compensated for what he calls his "exceptional" battle to defend the integrity of the country's Constitution and judicial system.
Rocco Galati and the Constitutional Rights Centre claimed more than $68,000 in fees and costs for their work in bringing
OTTAWA - The justice minister's office says the government won't make Marc Nadon repay any monies he collected during his
Justice Minister Peter MacKay expressed concern Wednesday about "the leaking of information" from a parliamentary selection
Retired Quebec Superior Court judge John Gomery is adding his voice to those criticizing Stephen Harper's treatment of the
OTTAWA - A timeline of events in the rejected Supreme Court nomination of Marc Nadon: April 22, 2013 — Chief Justice Beverley
OTTAWA - Canada's justice minister says he didn't personally recommend to Marc Nadon that he resign from the Federal Court