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Despite recent criticism of her policies, the Thatcher succeeded. Her attack on inflation, her reform of spending and taxes, of labour laws, the exiting of government businesses, and the re-creation of a Britain that worked, worked.
Canadian conservatives today cast admiring looks back at the career and accomplishments of Margaret Thatcher. But to her, Canadian conservatives were mostly all wet. Britain was not Canada, then or now. While the mother country's ties still bind, Canadian conservatism is uniquely our own.
LONDON - Moments after touching down in London on the eve of Margaret Thatcher's funeral, Stephen Harper reflected Tuesday
When a world leader dies, a lot of people take notice. Words of sympathy and praise flood in from all corners of the world
Thatcher was determined, driven, uncompromising, single-minded, outspoken, stubborn, intolerant, sharp, quick and unquestionably capable of evoking only intense emotions among her friends and enemies. And that's exactly why she was one of the greatest leaders of the past century.
"I don't think there will be a woman Prime Minister in my lifetime." -- as education secretary on March 5, 1973 (six years before ascending to PM's office).
Canadian politicians are sharing condolences on Twitter on Monday after the death of former British prime minister, Margaret
Thatcher was the first woman to become U.K. prime minister and Britain's only prime minister of the 20th century to win three
LONDON -- Love her or loathe her, one thing's beyond dispute: Margaret Thatcher transformed Britain. The Iron Lady, who ruled
Smith says Thatcher, who has died at age 87, was one of four great conservatives in her lifetime. She says the other three