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Cannabis cultivation operations are dumping sediment, pesticides, fertilizers and trash into the rivers, diverting water for irrigation which has left some riverbeds dry and others unable to sustain the wildlife that depend on the region's waterways, and killing large numbers of wildlife with rodenticides meant to keep rats out of the cannabis plants.
This week we learned of the case of an RCMP officer who has a prescription for medical marijuana to treat his PTSD. The RCMP says he can't smoke his medicinal pot while in uniform or in public, but he says he has a right to do so. It's a legal and legitimate medical treatment, after all. (Though try explaining that to a pot-grower who gets sent to prison after being raided by a Mountie with a joint hanging out of his mouth.) The RCMP and this officer could probably compromise, perhaps by having the officer ingest his pot in benign-looking baked goods. But our inconsistent and hypocritical approach to marijuana is not so easily solved.