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marijuana canada

Cannabis NB bled $12 million in red ink in its first six months.
So far, Canada's cannabis legal grow-ops haven't turned a profit as a group.
Experts are drawing attention to a lack of controls over where cannabis retailers will be located.
The stores could be up and running by April.
A growing sense that the U.S. will legalize cannabis has the markets aflutter with optimism.
Governments have a lot of incentive to shut down unlicensed competitors.
Marijuana stocks are some of the world's most volatile investments, rising and falling by large amounts on a daily basis. But those who got in early have cleaned up.
The brewer plans to be "one of the first on the playing field."
These leaders in the industry think it's a great time to be a gal in ganga.
It's a "candidate market" out here, one HR manager said.