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Maritimes Storm

They're also hoping charities and insurance companies will move quickly.
Careful out there.
20 centimetres. Ouch.
It's sunny, clear and cold across much of the Maritimes today, but after getting slammed by snowstorm after snowstorm, parts
HALIFAX - A late winter blizzard that paralyzed a wide swath of the Maritimes belted parts of Newfoundland and Labrador on
Mother Nature needs to give them a break...
I have a healthy appreciation for the winter storm, but three days housebound is a little much. So in gratitude to the fair weather we had Saturday our family made a trek to our local Chinese restaurant, at which time Husband proposed a toast to "surviving the storm." In light of this toast, I made a list of the top 13 ways which illustrate most clearly that The Family has spent a little bit too much time together lately...
HALIFAX - A massive and powerful storm was causing havoc across eastern Canada on Sunday, causing a multi-vehicle pileup
The winter storm set to hit the Maritimes overnight Sunday and into Monday morning will likely be a messy one. This comes
HALIFAX - Flights were grounded at airports across the Maritimes on Sunday as a powerful snow storm blew through the region