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The former Bank of Canada governor has played a key role in managing the British economy since Brexit.
Bank of England governor Mark Carney is defending the U.K. central bank’s decision to study the economic risks of climate
The banking executives at the heart of the 2008 financial crisis “got away without sanction” and that has to change, Bank
Mark Carney says the idea that an independent Scotland would be able to use the British pound as its currency is "incompatible
Mark Carney has injected a little sense and sensibility into a debate in Britain about women on currency. The former Bank
Mark Carney’s new job as the head of the Bank of England (BoE), which he began this week, comes with a $1.4-million salary
OTTAWA - Rock star, saviour, outstanding central banker of his generation — the accolades have flowed fast and freely during
MONTREAL - Canada has work to do, but it is stronger than when he took over as head of the Bank of Canada five years ago
We don't know for sure who will be tapped for the job of Governor of the Bank of Canada. What we do know is that the individual will be a Canadian. No other nationalities were invited to apply. But, in 2013, does such a citizenship restriction even make any sense? Or is it just another manifestation of good, old-fashioned Canadian parochialism?
Canada may well have a new top banker before the day is out. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty will name a replacement for current