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And he does a mean back-flip.
Before Marvel, he was "an associate giving a presentation in the boardroom."
From "Kim's Convenience" to stardom in an unparalleled Hollywood franchise.
The Black Panther phenomenon shows that people are crying out for chances to see themselves and their communities portrayed with dignity and diversity.
Enjoy the classics Whether it's your first or tenth time watching the Main Street Electrical Parade, this classic spectacle
This summer, don't miss your chance to discover some of your favorite Super Heroes together for the first time at Disney
So, you want to complain that journalists won't delve into worthy topics and look for story lines that others aren't covering? Sorry, but if it's not a trending topic, there's no money to be made. If that's what you want, then like anything else of value, you'll just have to go back to paying for it.
"It’s inspired by the world around me and not seeing that represented enough in popular culture.”
You'd think it would be a relatively simple matter to successfully translate Superman to the big screen. You'd think Superman, a guy with limitless power, would excite us like he did forty years ago. In the late seventies, it was enough to see a man withstanding a bullet or flying into space. But his abilities have now receded into something too obvious and too simple to stand on their own. This is the way that the superhero genre has itself been transcended by the shifting standards of Hollywood drama.